New NEC Low Blue Light Monitors Announced

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NEC Low Blue Light Monitors

NEC has this week revealed two new variations to its range of business-class desktop monitors announcing the availability of the new MultiSync EA271Q and MultiSync P243W priced at $619 and $699, respectively.

NEC has also unveiled the P243W monitor as a color calibration package reference: P243W-BK-SV. Providing the display together with the SpectraViewII color calibration software and the NEC-custom MDSVSENSOR3 colorimeter.

“The 27″ MultiSync EA271Q significantly updates our popular E275WMi monitor, and the 24″ MultiSync P243W refreshes the P242W,” said Art Marshall, Senior Product Manager for Desktop Displays at NEC Display Solutions. “These two new models provide users sleeker, more productive monitors and show our ongoing commitment to technological innovation and to helping our customers improve their workflows.”

The NEC MultiSync EA271Q low blue light display features a USB Type-C connection, allowing it to charge a connected laptop or device using a single USB cable. “The monitor also features DisplayPort in/out, which can be used to set up multi-monitor configurations with a single cable, and ControlSync, which will keep settings synchronized between multiple displays”. Other features include Low blue light, Flicker-free to reduce eye fatigue, a Human sensor for energy-saving operation, and speakers.

“The 24″ NEC MultiSync P243W provides business-class color accuracy, simplifying workflows for website design, web video editing, and similar tasks. It offers Picture in Picture, Picture by Picture and support for REC-709, sRGB, and custom color modes. The monitor fits any environment, with a fully functional stand (tilt, rotate, pivot, height adjustment) for great viewing angles.”

Features include:

– Best-in-class connectivity: DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D and VGA and USB hub with DisplaySync Pro (2 up/3 down) and a USB 3.1 hub
– 24-inch WUXGA (1920×1200) IPS panel
– Business-class speakers
– The P243W also has a color calibration bundle, the P243W-BK-SV bundle, which includes the display as well as the SpectraViewII color calibration software and the NEC-custom MDSVSENSOR3 colorimeter.

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