New Porsche Panamera is Unveiling Soon

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Porsche Panamera

New model of Porsche Panamera will be unveiled soon, the car will be officially unveiled at a press event next week.

The Porsche Panamera will be made official at a press event next Tuesday the 28th of June atd 8.1- pm CEST and Porsche will live stream the event.

Reconciling contradictions – that’s a tradition at Porsche. It takes courage to do things. Not just keeping to the well-trodden path but reinventing yourself time and again. Just as Porsche did seven years ago.

A segment changed. A success story began. And will now be continued. With the courage of a new generation. New standards will be set. Opposites reunited once again. More than ever. Look forward with us to a new four-door sports car.

Source Porsche


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