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Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is popular with gamers. Whether you were playing because you love the game, or simply for the love of Lady Dimitrescu, it was well accepted. Now the new Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and Winters’ Expansion DLC will help get the game to a completely new level. The Gold Edition will include the base game, Winters’ Expansion, and a new Trauma Pack digital add-on. There will be two new gameplay options: “The Mercenaries Additional Orders” and “Shadows of Rose”.

The Mercenaries Additional Orders will feature Lady Dimitrescu, Karl Heisenberg, and Chris Redfield as playable characters against hordes of enemies. Unleash hell on your enemies by slicing them to ribbons as Lady Dimitrescu and call your daughters to help you rain down death. Karl Heisenberg is no slouch with his massive hammer and magnetic powers, he can call on terrifying creations Soldat Jets who will destroy anything in their path, including you. He can even sling scrap metal like saw blades towards any enemy foolish enough to get caught in his magnetic field.

Chris Redfield charges into the fray with his massive arsenal of weapons and can charge up his onslaught ability which will let him move and reload with lightning speed. He can also call in an airstrike on his enemies. Two new stages will be available as well, Bloody Village and Bloody River. There have also been improvements to the experience.

Shadows of Rose will take place 16 years after the main campaign and will follow Ethan’s daughter Rosemary in a new narrative.

Getting the chance to play as some of these famous villains should be incredible. All of this available on October 28, 2022, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam with Winter’s Expansion also available on Stadia. If you pre order or buy before November 24 you will get the Street Wolf Outfit which will be an outfit Rosemary can wear in Shadows of Rose.

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