New Resident Evil Village Trailer and Gameplay

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Resident Evil Village

In Resident Evil Showcase, Capcom revealed a May 7, 2021 release date for Resident Evil Village, with an insane new trailer and gameplay demo, which you can watch it below.

The trailer revealed some glimpses of who Ethan Winters will meet in the castle, which includes a troupe of those tall vampire women.

Our first extended look at the fight hews very close to the first-person action of Resident Evil 7, but with improved scale and enemy characters. We get a look at packs of mangy, hooded rat-men in a pitch-black dungeon, and a whole pack of werewolves accompanied by a shed-sized monster handling an even bigger hammer.

Resident Evil 4 is getting back the grid-based inventory system, alongside a weapon crafting system. It’s a pleasant addition and a significant one, seeing the size of the material we’ll be shooting at. The village has a recurring merchant character, named The Duke. He is a very odd, goofy guy, and he’ll be more of a combined character this time. Ethan will discover The Duke in new places with fresh commentary everywhere in the Village.

Besides a fast promise that Village will also come with the series’ usual puzzles involving statuary, odd keys, and bizarre mechanisms, Capcom revealed an exclusive demo for PlayStation 5.


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