New Strategy Game By XCOM’s Long War Modders, TERRA INVICTA Trailer is Here

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Terra Invicta

The incredible modders team behind brilliant XCOM mods Long War and Long War 2 created their own studio in 2015 and revealed their first full game: Terra Invicta. Now, after long four years, they’ve released the game’s first trailer, which moves you through what to anticipate from the great strategy space game.

In Terra Invicta, an unfriendly alien army has arrived on the outer solar system and is planning for an all-out war. Humanity is divided about how to counter, and fractures into different groups with their own plans. You control one of these factions, The Resistance, and your aim is to push and negotiate with the other factions as you develop a fleet that can fight back the alien invasion.

As The Resistance’s commander, it’s your duty to recruit a council of leaders from the world’s greatest scientists, business tycoons, and military commanders, all the while responding to the changing geopolitical environment on Earth.

You’re not just limited to your planet, either: Terra Invicta takes place over and beyond an expansive map of the entire solar system and most of your time will be spent looking out to different planets and moons to find resources and build mining colonies. Building space stations look pleasant and highly detailed: you’ll snap modules onto a shell until you’ve got the correct structure you want, Check out the trailer below for more.

The devs ensure you’ll also run interplanetary warships in the battle against both human and alien armies, although it hasn’t said how engaging that battle system is.

Terra Invictadoesn’t have a release date but the developer team, called Pavonis Interactive, says a Kickstarter fundraising release is “imminent”.

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