New Switch 2 Leak Revealed Huge Performance Boost

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Switch 2

The ongoing rumors surrounding Nintendo’s highly anticipated successor to its best-selling Nintendo Switch console continue to captivate the gaming community. Recent leaks have added fuel to the speculation, suggesting that the forthcoming Switch 2 (or whatever Nintendo ultimately decides to name it) could potentially launch with the highly acclaimed Final Fantasy 7 Remake in its lineup. What’s even more intriguing is that the game reportedly runs smoothly on this new hardware, rivaling the performance seen on the PlayStation 5.

According to a Reddit post by a user known as I’m a Hero Too, who has a track record of accurately leaking video game industry news, Square Enix, the developer behind Final Fantasy, received Switch 2 developer kits for testing. These kits apparently showcased the impressive capabilities of the Switch 2, suggesting that it could be on par with the PS5 in terms of power, or at the very least, it will boast upgraded specifications that allow Final Fantasy 7 Remake to “look and run” like a PS5 game. Square Enix reportedly had no trouble porting the game to the Switch 2 dev kit, and this efficient process could indicate that Final Fantasy 7 Remake might potentially become a launch title for the Switch 2, although the leaker expressed some uncertainty about this.

It’s important to note that Final Fantasy VII Remake initially launched in 2020 for the PS4, which makes the comparison somewhat complex. The Switch 2’s specifications might fall somewhere between the performance levels of the PS4 and PS5. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and skepticism, as Nintendo has yet to officially confirm the development of a Nintendo Switch successor.

In the same Reddit post, I’m a Hero Too provided additional insights into the rumored features of the Switch 2. One notable mention was the inclusion of a new camera function. While this remains speculative, it aligns with Nintendo’s history of incorporating camera technology in devices like the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS. There have also been hints that the Switch 2 could heavily emphasize virtual reality (VR), suggesting one potential use for the new camera function.

Furthermore, the leaker confirmed that backward compatibility has been tested for a few games, a feature that would undoubtedly be welcomed by current Switch owners. This means that players may not have to choose between upgrading to the new console and retaining access to their existing Switch game library.

Rumors also suggest that select members of the press were given an early look at Nintendo’s next-generation hardware during the Gamescom 2023 tradeshow in Cologne, Germany. If these online whispers are accurate, it indicates that Nintendo may be nearing an official announcement, as it appears ready to showcase its latest project to a broader audience beyond its internal team. With multiple sources pointing to a 2024 release date for the new console, it seems that we may not have to wait much longer for Nintendo to unveil more details about what the future of gaming holds for its dedicated fanbase.

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