New Switch Controller Reminds Us Of Nintendo’s Best Controller Ever

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NYXI Switch Controller

NYXI, a gaming peripheral controller maker, recently revealed a new third-party controller for the Nintendo Switch. The design is not only reminiscent of the WaveBird — which is the best Nintendo controller ever — but the company claims that this controller will never get Joy-Con drift.

The NYXI Wizard Wireless Joy-Pad is a wireless controller that features an array of customization, and comes with two remappable back buttons, in addition to interchangeable joystick rings. You could, for instance, use a round joystick to play racing games or put an octagonal joystick circle on the controller when you are about to play an action game. NYXI also says the battery life is roughly 6.5 hours on a single full charge.

NYXI Switch Controller

One of the greatest selling points for the Wizard controller is the declaration that it will not suffer from Joy-Con drift. NYXI claims it can accomplish this because the Wizard uses a Hall Effect joystick. For quick context, Hall Effect joysticks use a magnetic system meaning that the joystick never physically touches the sensor itself. With Joy-Con drift one of the most significant ongoing issues with the Nintendo Switch, this controller definitely appeals to those looking for a resolution to this issue.

NYXI Switch Controller

The NYXI Wizard is available right now on NYXI’s website and costs $69.

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