New Trailer For THE SURGE 2 Features How You Create Your Gear

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Centering all the various features that their game has to offer, Deck 13 has created The Surge 2 a combat-focused game. In the newest trailer from their publisher Focus Home Interactive, they concentrate on how players will be creating or rather getting their gear. From armor to weapons and even little upgrades, everything that you will have to use in the game has to be found off of your fallen enemies!

You will have to take the gear you want from your dead enemies. Chest armor, weapon upgrades, even headgear, all of it needs you to kill an enemy down and take the gear they have. It seems there is a pod-like system where you will have to provide the different pieces and maybe even have to do some creating to make it fit as well. But this game is taking the idea of “nothing is given, everything is earned” as accurate as possible and making players rely on their own skills further so than game mechanics to get them through.

The Surge 2 looks more powerful as they continue to show off more of the game’s aspects and I can’t wait to play the game. Only a few more weeks before we reach the release date of September 24th where it will be released on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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