New Upcoming Nintendo Games For 2020 Showing In Amazing Infographic

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Nintendo Games For 2020

Nintendo Switch is one exciting console since its launch but now with the new lineup of games, it is the console I am most excited about right now. 2020 is absolutely no exception for Switch users and many new exciting games are on their way and to showcase some of the upcoming releases Nintendo released the infographic. On it, we can see some amazing new games like DOOM EternalAnimal Crossing New Leaf, and Bravely Default II. High profile remakes are also shown in the infographic like Spongebob, Panzer Dragoon, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and Xenoblade Chronicles. 2020 will also see the compact outing of The Outer Worlds which I am excited to explore! Not all of these games listed are restricted to the Switch and will likely be considered ports by many, but I am thrilled for them nonetheless. Portability of gaming has become enormous for me so I am very happy with Switch and upcoming Xcloud makes me super excited about, the Switch has taken over as one of my most used consoles.


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