New Valheim Update Adds One of Minecraft’s Best Features

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In the ever-evolving world of Valheim, a new update is set to introduce a highly anticipated feature reminiscent of one of Minecraft’s best offerings: creative mode. Since its initial release in early access on PC in 2021, Valheim has steadily gained popularity and expanded its reach to Xbox and Game Pass in 2023. With its presence on multiple platforms, Iron Gate Studios remains committed to enhancing the game and attracting a wider community of PC and Xbox players. The addition of creative mode could be a significant step toward achieving that goal.

The Valheim public test server, which went live shortly after the game’s release, has recently received a substantial update featuring what is known as Hammer mode. This mode is expected to mirror Minecraft’s creative mode and introduces various gameplay modifiers tailored towards building. According to the patch notes, Hammer mode will grant players the freedom to construct anything they desire without the need for resources. Additionally, monsters will refrain from attacking players unless provoked, and the forest will no longer launch raids on player bases.

While Valheim players have previously been able to utilize console commands to incorporate certain modifiers like God mode and free-flying, the introduction of Hammer mode in the public test realm may render such commands unnecessary. Furthermore, alongside Hammer mode, the test server has also introduced casual mode, which significantly reduces the game’s difficulty level, appealing to a broader range of players. On the other hand, for hardcore Valheim enthusiasts, an immersive mode has been developed, removing the map and portals, and making adjustments to other difficulty options.

Considering the immense popularity and the incredible creations that have emerged from Minecraft’s creative mode and No Man’s Sky’s similar offering, Valheim has the potential to witness a similar phenomenon with its Hammer mode. As Iron Gate Studios continues to release updates and gradually transitions Valheim from early access to a full release, more enticing updates may capture the interest of newcomers, prompting them to embark on their Viking survival adventures.

Valheim is currently available in early access for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, offering players the opportunity to embark on a thrilling journey filled with exploration, survival, and now, creative building.

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