New Video Games to Watch Out for in March 2021

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We will get many good games this month it contains new games, sequels, and re-releases to satisfy a wide variety of gamers and will be available on a wide variety of gaming systems.

Maquette – March 2nd

PC, PS4, PS5

This unique and beautiful puzzle game sends players through layers of graceful and mind-bending challenges that test their ability to see things through a new perspective.

Harvest Moon: One World – March 2nd

Nintendo Switch

Nothing says fun like farms and flirting. Harvest Moon is back with a new, massive adventure that has players explore, grow food, raise animals, woo the locals, and more.

Loop Hero – March 4th


The world is running an endless loop of chaos and you need to take down as much evil before you die and die and die, again, again and again. In a card-based game with varying levels of action, exploration, and unlocks, Loop Hero looks to be an interesting and unique take on the roguelike genre.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat – March 23rd

PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X

Revisit the world of Overcooked! with both games and all the DLC in one package. Test your skills as a chef on next-generation consoles and move quickly to get those orders out.

It Takes Two – March 26th

PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Why go on a journey alone? This game takes a married couple and puts them through a wild action-adventure that requires teamwork, communication, and some skill. The locations, story, and interactions between the couple seem to make a fun and frantic co-op experience.

Monster Hunter Rise – March 26th

Nintendo Switch

The newest Monster Hunter game makes its way exclusively to the Nintendo Switch this month (PC sometime next year). Butt loads of monsters, some new and updated systems all come together on this newest iteration of the franchise.

The KINGDOM HEARTS Series – March 30th


Here they come. All 10 Kingdom Hearts games are coming to PC. So get ready to swing that Keyblade around and enjoy the wonderful nonsense of the story all over again while we wait some indefinite amount of time for Kingdom Hearts 4 (or the thousand half-games we’ll get in between).


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