This New Wearable Transforms Anything Into A Touch Interface 

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MUVinteractive has invented this super cool new finger based wearable device called BIRD, which allows you to convert any surface into a touch interface as well as use movements to control applications and devices.

BIRD is now available to purchase priced at $150 and is capable of supporting up to 10 simultaneous users with additional touch add-ons available priced at $99 each. At the current time, the platform only supports Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Let go of your phone. Put your computer aside. Move as you please. Speak. Be seen. Be heard. Be free. State-of-the-art digital interaction at your fingertips. Touch. Push. Pull. Swipe. Grab. Move. Play. Learn. Dream. Take off.

Explore new, unprecedented ways of digital communication. Socialize. Work together. Unite. Create as you speak. Nothing is beyond reach. Discover the ultimate synergy between humanity and technology. Unreasonably easy. Undeniably natural. Use your instinct.

The Bird System is shipping for a base price of $150 and can support up to 10 simultaneous users with additional touch add-ons of $99 each.  It is only available for Windows only.

Source: MUVI


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