All New WeatherBug App For Microsoft Store Users With Added Features!

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WeatherBug is one of the best weather apps that not helps in better day planning but is also great for safety during bad weather conditions. This app renders accurate forecasts, proper weather information, and all-new, exclusive app customization options that make it extremely easy for its users to operate it.

Weather professionals and outdoor enthusiasts recommend smartphone and desktop users to download WeatherBug app for staying weather-safe.


What are the Exclusive Features of the WeatherBug App?

Many weather apps are available in the play store for all the users, but certain features make the WeatherBug app the best one. Some of the major features of the same are:

  1. Doppler Radar

Doppler radar is an outstanding feature of the WeatherBug app that no other weather app offers. This application involves a Doppler radar in itself that covers the entire globe, almost. As a result, the app users get error-free weather reports and forecasting results. This is one of the latest technologies that the app offers to ensure the highest climatic safety of the users.

  1. Pulse Radar

The Pulse Radar is nothing but one of the technologies with which WeatherBug app users can view the weather forecast of any location, single or multiple while sitting in their homes. The data that the app extracts for delivering this information are from the total lightning network, which is a patented technology.

  1. Maps

The users will never get bored of using the WeatherBug app, and this is because the app offers various kinds of interactive weather maps. It makes use of 18 maps with which the users can not only use but also cross-check the weather forecast for utmost surety for a particular location. With the help of WeatherBug maps, users can visually view the weather conditions at a particular location while sitting at home.

  1. Lightning Alerts

One of the best things about this app is that it works as a personal lightning detector. WeatherBug app renders accurate lightning alerts; once the users receive the alert, they can save themselves as well as their loved ones from advert weather conditions. This feature doesn’t end here; this app generates alerts of various thunderstorms and hurricanes that are possibly going to take place within the range of 18 kilometers (in radius) from the set location.

The WeatherBug app also provides minute-to-minute weather forecast for multiple set locations on your smartphones and desktops, including the ones that are miles away from the set location. One of the dedicated hurricane centers also offers pre-hurricane alerts to the users so that the users can save their lives in time.

  1. Multilingual

So what if you do not know English? The WeatherBug app can still assist you in all means when it comes to the weather forecast. Are you wondering, how? This app has a definite answer for you; the app can be customized with multiple language options as per the user’s requirements. The app offers three languages to the users namely English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Apart from the language option, the users can also customize the WeatherBug app in many other categories. All these customization options are easy-to-operate and are 100% user-friendly.

WeatherBug app is one of the best apps that are available in the Microsoft play store. The app involves many of the latest technologies like Doppler radar, thunderstorm alerts as well as pre-hurricane alerts and many more. Also, one of the best features of the app is that the app updates the data regarding the weather conditions after every two minutes so that the users get accurate data.

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