New Windows 10 Internet Browser Will Feature Cortana

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Microsoft will definitely include a new rendering engine which Microsoft explains has been created to provide next-generation technology for users to enjoy within their latest Windows 10 operating system.

New features confirmed to be included within the Windows 10 browser include voice search and Microsoft’s personal assistance in the form of Cortana.

Cortana has been added to the Windows 10 browser to provide additional information on sites you might be browsing as well as provide directions and even help you book reservations if required.

Other new features revealed by Microsoft for latest Internet browser include a new reading mode that removes adverts and clutter from a webpage enabling user to see the text of the article. Together with new inking support that allows users to annotate webpages and link the notes to Microsoft’s Onedrive cloud storage service, to be shared with friends or colleagues as well as being available on all users Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft has not revealed as yet whether the showcases Windows 10 browser will indeed be the next Internet Explorer or will be rebranded completely, but as more information becomes available we will keep you updated as always.



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