New Windows 11 Watermark Alert Users About Incompatible Hardware

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Windows 11

The new details about Windows 11 revealed this week, Microsoft is currently testing with a new watermark that will alert Windows 11 users about incompatible hardware. Spotted by Twitter user Albacore and available in the new Windows 11 preview builds, the watermark is set to materialize on the desktop wallpaper as well as on the landing page of the settings in Windows.

The Windows 11 incompatible hardware watermark unveils a message saying “system requirements not met” alongside the build number of the evaluation or preview versions. Microsoft has not yet revealed whether it plans to keep and widely execute the Windows 11 watermark for all users. Knowing which hardware is compatible with Windows 11 and which is not is still slightly difficult due to the mess at the launch of Windows 11

Microsoft originally launched a Windows 11 hardware compatibility app but unfortunately needed to take it off shortly after launch due to complications and confusion caused when running it on systems.

It’s not the first time that Microsoft has incorporated signs into its Windows operating system for activated versions but it is the first time the feature has been used to alert of incompatible hardware.

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