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New World

New World is Amazon Studios’ 2021 Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game. It is by far one of the most socially popular and highly unique games in the MMORPG genre. It’s got a world of opportunities for the players to take part in, locations to explore, monsters and creatures to slay as well as relationships to create! If you’re struggling in New World and want to acquire some New World coins, make sure to check out MMOGAH for some amazing offers! So, if you’re thinking of starting out in New World; this is some of the most relevant information you need!

  1. Be One with Your Surroundings!

This is a simple one; you just need to familiarize yourself with how the world works. A starting area is a lower-level place, where you can do so the best. This is the main section of the game where you will go through the tutorials and understand your surroundings. Here you need to explore as much as you can. The starting location might be perilous, but it is also the best place where you can scrounge for starting gear and learn the game’s mechanics to the best of your abilities. Get the grip of your character, upgrade your starting gear, gather materials, and craft items, not to mention the most important aspect which is to upgrade your core attributes.

  1. Inventory Management and Equipment Weight.

This aspect of a beginner journey in New World is absolutely crucial. You must ensure that you know how to manage your inventory in this world, and learn about how equipment weight will impact your gameplay and inventory. You can upgrade the weight limit to your inventory, but that in itself requires a lot of grinding. You will also need to familiarize yourself with selling unwanted items, don’t be afraid of losing any items because you will know what to sell and what not to sell if you play the game a little bit. You can also store important items that are bogging you down into a storage shed. There is also a weight limit to your armor, and that doesn’t seem like a huge detriment until you getting a bit higher tier gear. You will gain different benefits and detriments depending on your armor weight as well, whether it’s light, medium or heavy.

  1. Azoth is Key!

Azoth is the fast travel system that is built in as one of the game’s core mechanics. There are no mounts in New World as of yet, and the map known as Aeturnum is quite large. So travelling towards quest, and from quests to the actual markers can be a huge bog down when it comes to your overall leveling up process at the start. You need to familiarize yourself with Azoth, so you can maximize your efficiency at grinding that XP! The faster you travel from location to location, the more time you will be spending on actually doing quests and earning XP.

  1. The Large Variety of Weapons!

New World has a HUGE variety of weapon types, and I mean that quite literally. The game has a total of 11 different weapon types, with each having their own different attributes, special skills and different play styles. They work differently depending on what your core attributes are, as well as have their own strengths and weaknesses! So make sure to try them all out as much as you can, and check out which weapon works best with your character build. The weapon types in New World are mentioned below:

  1. Sword
  2. Rapier
  3. Hatchet
  4. Spear
  5. Great Axe
  6. War Hammer
  7. Bow
  8. Musket
  9. Life Staff
  10. Fire Staff
  11. Ice Gauntlet

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  1. Value Lies in the Side Quests

Side Quests are the key to earning XP in New World. I’ve seen a ton of new players jump straight into the main story quests without paying any attention to the side quests. If you’re new to RPG games, the main deal with any RPG game is to make sure you’re playing the whole deal. That includes the side quests more than anything else, because the side quests are what get you XP. They are short, sweet and grant you almost the same amount of XP as doing two main story quests. So make sure to keep them in mind before you head out and venture the main story quests constantly!


That was our list of the best beginner’s tips for New World! If you make sure to use these tips into actual gameplay, then your first few days in New World are going to be absolutely smooth! However, if you’re a player struggling to keep up in this perilous world and looking for a cheap and easy way to acquire some New World coins; make sure to check out MMOGAH for some fantastic deals via the link below!


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