New World Leveling Build: Weapons Guide To Get You Started

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New World

Amazon’s new MMO is now released, so it’s time to get prepared before you get into the chaos of PvP fort assaults and expeditions into the monster-packed wilds of Aeternum.

You need to be strong if you want to conquer every sort of things New World has to throw you at you. With that in mind, this guide gathers some of the best leveling builds from the beta to give you an idea of what will assist you grow at a decent speed.

New World leveling build: Weapon combinations

You have two weapon slots and make sure you use both of them. Not only does this mean you can get the best of both worlds by mixing melee and ranged weapons, but you can also make use of the skills and bonuses from each weapon’s skill tree as you level them up.

The hatchet is the best choice, thanks to its Berserk Mode, which boosts your damage and movement speed and gives a passive healing effect. The second weapon you pick will come down to personal preference, but the choices below are good starting points.

Hatchet and life staff

This combination will give you a lot of survivability, so you don’t have to waste time healing between enemies. It blends the hatchet’s Berserk Mode passive healing with the life staff’s healing powers, though this doesn’t mean you’ll need to use a lot of time casting either. The Sacred Ground ability from the staff’s healing skill tree will heal for a fair amount of time after being installed. It’s also on a fairly short 20-second cooldown.

Hatchet and bow 

If you want to focus on getting through fights fast, pairing the hatchet with a bow is the best choice. This build adds to the hatchet’s Berserk Mode speed boost with the bow’s passive movement rewards, such as Archer’s Speed in the Skirmisher skill tree. It’s also worth seeing that you’ll need to craft arrows for the bow before you start using them.

Having said that, the best leveling build is always going to be what you have fun playing with. If you’d rather switch out the life staff for a spear, or the hatchet for an axe, then do it. Play around with various weapon combinations and techniques and see what works for you.

There’s no point clinging with a build if you’re not having fun with it, and it will only hamper your leveling speed in the long run if you have to force yourself to play.


Which attributes to target

Every time you get a level in New World, you’ll have an attribute point to consume. The weapons you fancy will determine where you’ll want to put a lot of your points, but the weapons in the examples you see above use different stats.

Your choice will come down to which weapon you most use, and you should get a better idea of this after the first few initial levels. It’s unlikely that you’re going to use them both evenly, so focus more on the attributes used by the weapon you favor. You can always respec for a modest price—through respeccing is free up to level 20, so you can play around with stats when you are into the lower levels.


What about armour?

The weight of your armour damage your mobility and how well you can dodge the attacks, so it’s necessary to consider your playstyle when picking. It is your choice but if you’re going for a mobile build, the lighter the armour, the better.

Light armour provides you the least amount of protection but gives a damage bonus—as well as making you much more skilled at dodging. Medium armour still lets you dodge—but not as greatly—but gives more protection, whereas heavy armour is more adapted to tanky characters working for a defensive build type.

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