NEW WORLD Tips and Tweaks: Image Sharpening, FPS Boost, and More

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New World is an overall very good game but it is very demanding on even the most robust CPUs and GPUs. Here we are checking out a few quick, simple, yet important tweaks to help with visual fidelity, possible FPS boosts, and some tips that are explained.

  • The visual filters in the game make very blurry moments. You can download ReShade for free and apply an easy sharpen filter that makes the detail in the game truly stand out.

  • The three most important settings for enhancing FPS are as follows: Reduce shadow details, reduce the number of player nameplates, reduce terrain details. We recommend starting at the lowest setting and then working your way up as you watch your FPS per setting. It is also free to download and works on any new NVIDIA or AMD GPU.

  • To take screenshots, use the ALT-H command to cover the GUI and backgrounds will come alive.

  • Turn off analytics to enhance the latency or potential network issues as well

  • Do check out the sunset with the GUI hidden and listen to the awesome soundtrack.

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