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New World

Looking for a Buy New World Gold guide?  Now Amazon’s anticipated MMO has gone live; you may begin exploring the wonders of Aeternum at last. Like any MMO, New World has its combat, crafting and faction features that each have their complexities to understand.

Whether it’s how to care for your weapons or how to avoid suffocating yourself with equipment and supplies, this New World guide has you covered.



Though “survival” has been used to describe New World, the game’s past iterations included a few survival components. Still, those features have been deleted, and the game has shifted to more standard MmoPixel characteristics.

A wide array of zombies and otherworldly foes await players as they explore the terrain. A group known as the “Corrupted” is their primary adversary. Ancient evil on the island has enraged cultists who’ve built fortifications and plan to exterminate or enslave the island’s inhabitants.


Tips for getting started in the New World

  • Make use of both weapon slots.

There are many weapons to choose from at the start of the game. It’s up to each player to determine which weapons they prefer and adapt their build around their preferred playstyle in the New World. There are various options, like a sword and a bow, or a life staff and a hatchet.

There are active and passive abilities and skills that can be unlocked through Weapon Mastery. Early on, you’ll probably want to focus on a leveling build, but as you move through the stages, you should consider the combination of weapons you want to shoot for to tackle more difficult challenges.

  • Watch your weight

It may be tempting to equip the heaviest armour possible in the hopes of increasing your chances of survival, and this will only add to your overall weight. Your ability to move and evade can be affected as a result of this. Weight can be an issue if you’re looking for a more aggressive playstyle, but if you’re going for a more defensive build, you may not mind losing mobility for increased defense.

  • Watch your weight

While it may be tempting to equip the heaviest armour possible in the hopes of increasing your chances of survival, this will only add to your overall weight. This, in turn, can have an impact on your ability to maneuver and evade.

Even while you may be willing to give up some mobility for increased defense if your goal is to play tougher, the weight of your gear is an important consideration when you want to play more evasively.

  • Keep an eye out for the product’s longevity.

A tiny amount of durability loss occurs every time you use a weapon or tool—or when you die—so you should check your gear frequently. If you don’t plan on utilizing any weapons or armour, you can salvage them and receive ‘Repair Parts’, which can be used to repair your items. This is also a good idea because it frees up vital bag space.

  • Explore to unlock fast travel options 

After a few adventures in the New World, you’ll come across a vast settlement. The nearby neighborhood is full of interesting quests, but it’s always a good idea to explore further afield. In addition to unlocking Fast Travel Shrines, some low-level materials may be more abundant.

  • Start crafting and gathering early. 

Farming better resources will allow you to craft more powerful gear at higher levels, making crafting an important component of the New World experience. However, there are still several advantages to getting started early in crafting. Certain weapons may be available sooner if you don’t rely on loot or mission rewards. Crafting arrows or bullets is also required if you plan on employing long-range weapons. 

  • How to choose a faction 

The primary questline will need you to join one of three factions at a specific point. Choose between The Marauders, The Covenant, or The Syndicate. Aside from aesthetics, there are a few more considerations to consider. Depending on the server, factions control different areas of the map. You should join the dominating group on your server, as they will also compete for territory.

  • Pick up town and faction quests. 

Picking up a town mission from the Town Board will get you a decent amount of XP. In addition, you’re assisting in the development of new and enhanced craft stations across the settlement. They can be as simple as killing 20 boars or as complex as giving an NPC a specified quantity of made or collected things.


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As always, Happy Hunting!

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