New Xbox Controller Leaked Online

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Microsoft’s Translucent Xbox Controller

Microsoft’s new Xbox controller will be a Special Edition Stellar Shift version of its Xbox Series X/S controllers, with a February 14 release date. Since the release of the Xbox Series X/S in 2020, Microsoft has revealed a variety of controller versions for customers to add to their collections. While the Xbox consoles themselves tend to come with either black or white controllers, those that want to purchase an extra controller have many color options to pick from.

There have been a vast variety of Xbox controller colors released over the last few years, typically retailing between $59.99 and $64.99. These controllers are variants of the base Xbox controllers and shouldn’t be mistaken for the Xbox Elite controller line, which offers quite more features at a much higher price.

According to current Amazon listing leaks, the next Xbox controller is the blue Special Edition Stellar Shift. If the listing is correct, the controller will be available starting February 14 and will be priced at $64.99, which is standard for basic Xbox controllers.

Microsoft has previously released a Shock Blue Xbox controller, a Mineral Camo blue controller, and an Aqua Shift blue controller. Shock Blue is a darker blue color, whereas Aqua Shift is lighter with a more metallic sheen. Based on the leaked photos, it seems as though the Stellar Shift’s shade of blue will be in the middle of the current blue controllers.

Xbox fans can expect Microsoft to continue releasing controller variants in the months and years ahead. Besides the basic color swaps, it’s likely that there will be limited edition Xbox controllers themed after brands and gaming franchises.

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