Newly Discovered Fallout 76 Secret Connect It To Other Fallout Games

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Fallout 76

New holotapes have taken players on a hunt for evidence about one of Fallout 76’s most recently-added vaults, and what connection the game might have to the rest of the franchise.

Fallout 76’s May 7 update added a number of new features, including player-owned vending machines and a new vendor for legendary items at train stations. It also added something that wasn’t in the patch notes: mysterious new orange Vault-Tec boxes with holotapes inside that hint at a computer system gone haywire deep in the bowels of Vault 51.

The first, discovered just south of Morgantown, consisted of a man appearing to come out into the wasteland for the first time, stunned by his surroundings. “Where… the hell… am I?” he says. “Doesn’t matter. Where was the other one again? Tower. River. Fork.” Those last three clues led players to a second orange box near the Flatwoods radio tower. “This part of the world is over. Might as well be the entire world from the looks of it,” the man says this time. “I swear on every soul it took. Every soul I took. That I’m gonna unplug that goddamned bucket of bolts.”

Screenshot: Final Render (Fallout 76)

He concludes the second holotape by saying he has to go north for Reclamation Day, probably to Vault 76. In the forests just south of that vault, players found a body. There was no Holotape this time, just a simple, hand-scrawled checklist:

  • X Distract him
  • X Stash the rest of the supplies
  • X Jump in the other crate
  • X Pray to god I survive
  • X Find anyone from 76
  • Kill ZAX

ZAX is the name given to a series of supercomputers produced by Vault-Tec to help various parts of the government to analyze complicated data. It first appeared in Fallout 1‘s West Tek Research Facility. In Fallout 3, President John Henry Eden, the leader of the Enclave, is also shown to be a ZAX artificial intelligence. Now that it’s been introduced in Fallout 76, players are questioning what that will mean for what’s inside Vault 51.

The vault, one of many unopened ones currently in the game, was added in a March update. This is the first time that Bethesda has given any evidence about what might be inside. While some players had suspected that there might be non-player characters hiding in some of the Vaults, the newly found holotapes seem to show that Vault 51 is home to, at least, a rogue AI.

Whether it’s something players will have to team up together to fight, or part of a different sort of journey, the discovery has some people questioning if the ZAX unit in Vault 51 will end up joining Fallout 76 to Fallout 3 in some way, possibly giving clues as to how the ZAX AI in the latter became self-aware and strong enough to take over what remained of the U.S. industrial complex later on in the series’ timeline.

We won’t know anything for sure until the vault eventually opens, which will likely be someday before the end of the year based on the game’s 2019 roadmap. Even so, having new stories in the game that help join what has been a somewhat not-so-good Fallout game to others in the series has been a pleasant reward for players who have continued to play 76.

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