Newsroom Simulator NOT FOR BROADCAST New Trailer is Something Completely New!

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It looks like a “live-action newsroom variant of Papers Please”, Not For Broadcast puts you in charge of the National Nightly News. As a radical administration comes to power, it is up to you to determine what is or is not for suitable for broadcast, Now you will have the power of information with this new game. Check out the new gameplay trailer below.

Published by TinyBuild and developed by NotGames, Not For Broadcast is a deep, high-pressure, propaganda sim which is set in an alternate 1980s. The player has been put in charge of the National Nightly News newsroom, and must decide what the people can, or can’t know about.

Not For Broadcast will be released on January 30th on Steam Early Access. The game will release with three full chapters, while the plan is to have seven more chapters that will be produced with the community suggestions, as the game is in Early Access.

You can play some of Not For Broadcast before it release, by downloading the prologue now on Steam.

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