Next-Gen Game Prices Will Be Higher Than Normal

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NBA 2K21

The recent announcement of the NBA 2K21 price is evidence that next-gen game prices may be going up and it will be more expensive than the games we are use to buy. If you’re keen on getting a collection of PS5 games or Xbox Series X games for the coming holiday season, you may find that you’re going to be spending a bit more money for the games.

As reports, the PS4 and Xbox One variants of NBA 2K21 are listed at the regular price point of $59.99 on the 2K Store. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for the PS5 and Xbox Series X variants of the game.

NBA 2k21 next-gen game prices 2K Store

Both the NBA 2K21 PS5 store page and the NBA 2K21 Xbox Series X page list the price as $69.99 — that’s $10 more than regular price for a new, AAA video game release.

However, this may not be a solid indication of an across-the-board price hike for new next-gen releases. The Scarlet Nexus PS5 edition and Scarlet Nexus Xbox Series X edition are both listed as $59.99 on Amazon, But NBA 2K21 might give all the developers an idea and an example that increased game prices will work as well.

So, are next-gen game prices will be more expensive or will remain the same? We have one game priced $10 higher and one game staying the same, so we can’t say for sure until more Xbox Series X and PS5 games are available for pre-order.

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