Nightblade Healer Builds and Guide

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Nightblades have excellent resource management, which makes Nightblade Healer builds very powerful.

Here is our Magicka Nightblade Healer PvE “Illusion” build for ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). Our Healer Build was created specifically for Dungeons and Trials.

Nightblade Healer builds are very strong and have excellent abilities that aid in general healing. For example, Refreshing Path is a powerful heal over time. Funnel Health delivers damage and heals you and certain group members. Healthy Offering grants access to an insane burst heal.

Also, we use the Bolstering Darkness Ultimate, which provides Major Protection and damage reduction to every group member; they just need to enter the circle to get the protection buff. Then, they are free to move anywhere they want while maintaining the Major Protection buff. There is also a tank, and Magicka Nightblade build, but today we are going for the healer build.


Healer Build

Healers in ESO are quite good and not too OP (overpowered) or broken. Below is our build and guide for Nightblade Healer.



  • Breton
  • Argonian
  • Khajiit



  • 5 light
  • 1 medium
  • 1 heavy
  • Destruction Staff (Shock) and Restoration Staff

The recommended gear weight distribution is not a rigid guideline for leveling. If you get better stuff as you progress, feel free to change them. Just make sure your primary gear weighs more than your secondary gear!


Gear Setup


Tier 1 (For Beginners)


Gear Set Enchantment Weight Trait
Chest Kagrenac’s Hope Health Heavy Any Trait
Belt Seducer Magicka Light Any Trait
Shoes Seducer Magicka Light Any Trait
Pants Kagrenac’s Hope Magicka Light Any Trait
Hands Kagrenac’s Hope Magicka Light Any Trait
Head Monster Set or Random Magicka Light Any Trait
Shoulder Monster Set or Random Magicka Light Any Trait
Necklace Seducer Magicka Recovery Jewelry Arcane
Ring Seducer Magicka Recovery Jewelry Arcane
Ring Seducer Spell Damage Jewelry Arcane
Weapon 1 Kagrenac’s Hope Absorb Magic Enchant Resto Staff Powered
Weapon 2 Kagrenac’s Hope Shock Damage Lightning Staff Any Trait



Tier 2

Gear Set Enchantment Weight Trait
Chest Spell Power Cure Tri-Stat Light Infused
Belt Spell Power Cure Magicka Light Divine
Shoes Spell Power Cure Magicka Light Divine
Pants Spell Power Cure Tri-Stat Light Infused
Hands Spell Power Cure Magicka Light Divine
Head Sentinel of Rkugamz Tri-Stat Heavy Infused
Shoulder Sentinel of Rkugamz Magicka Light Divine
Necklace Hollowfang Thirst Magicka Recovery Jewelry Arcane
Ring Hollowfang Thirst Magicka Recovery Jewelry Arcane
Ring Hollowfang Thirst Spell Damage Jewelry Arcane
Weapon 1 Perfected Grand Rejuvenation Magicka Drain Enchant Resto Staff Powered
Weapon 2 Hollowfang Thirst Shock Damage Enchant Lightning Staff Charged



Regarding the attributes, put all of them in Magicka.


Vampire / Werewolf / Mortal

Mortal: Because Vampire and Werewolf do not provide many advantages for this role, we recommend staying mortal.





Food and Potions

Potions: Magicka.

Food: Not required but, if possible, attempt to get items that enhance your Magicka, health, and Magicka recovery.



You want to ensure that both your front and rear bars include at least one ability from each class tree. When you earn experience by killing monsters or completing missions, the skills on the action bar will gain experience along with their corresponding skill levels.

Another clever technique is that if you have skills on a skill bar that you wish to level up, you can shift to that bar after finishing a quest or dungeon to give those abilities and corresponding levels a boost in XP. If you wish to level other weapons or skill trees without ever using them, just adding a skill from that tree on the ability bar lets it earn experience as you level that bar.

  • Assassination → Assassin’s Blade → Impale
  • Shadow → Veiled Strike → Don’t Morph


If you want to morph, use a concealed weapon.

  • Shadow → Path of Darkness → Refreshing Path
  • Siphoning → Strife → Funnel Health
  • Siphoning → Siphoning Strikes → Siphoning Strikes
  • Siphoning → Drain Power → Sap Essence
  • Mages Guild → Magelight → Inner Light
  • Destruction Staff → Force Shock → Crushing Shock
  • Destruction Staff → Wall of Elements → Elemental Blockade
  • Destruction Staff→ Weakness to Elements → Elemental Drain
  • Restoration Staff → Grand Healing → Healing Springs
  • Restoration Staff → Regeneration → Radiating Regeneration
  • Restoration Staff → Blessing of Protection → Combat Prayer
  • Restoration Staff → Steadfast Ward → Healing Ward
  • Light Armor → Annulment → Harness Magicka
  • Undaunted → Necrotic Orb → Energy Orb
  • Undaunted → Blood Altar → Overflowing Altar


Ultimate Abilities

  • Assault → War Horn → Aggressive Warhorn
  • Restoration Staff → Panacea → Light’s Champion
  • Siphoning → Soul Shred → Soul Siphon
  • Shadow → Consuming Darkness → Veil of Blades



  • Assassination
  • Shadow
  • Siphoning
  • Racial
  • Light Armor
  • Destruction Staff
  • Restoration Staff
  • Vampirism Passives (except Savage feeding and blood ritual)
  • Alchemy – Medicinal Use
  • Mages Guild
  • Fighter’s Guild (Banish the Wicked)
  • Undaunted


After acquiring these, get the passives for the remaining armor skill levels. Save those that need you to wear five pieces of the same gear type.



Healers, unlike DPS, do not have fixed rotations; instead, they use the items in their kit as needed.



While it is not required to produce gear for leveling, some players like creating gear for alts or having gear built while creating a new character! Kagrenac’s Hope and Seducer are two well-crafted options.


Resources for the Nightblade Healer

Due to passives or the Siphoning Attacks skill, we have enough Magicka Recovery to survive without any issues. By combining Clockwork Citrus Filet (or Witchmother’s Potent Brew) with the Atronach Mundus Stone and Magicka Recovery Glyph, which also increases our Magicka Recovery, we can achieve a reasonably high level of Magicka Recovery. Also, do not forget to use Heavy Attack, since Resto Staves return 30% more resources! It might be your best bet!

Siphoning Attacks → Magicka Recovery Glyph → Cost Reduction Glyph → Heavy Attacks → Witchmothers Brew Drink

Lastly, Elder Scrolls Online devs have a 5-year long plan, which is great news for you.

Feel free to modify items and builds (skill trees, CP) to meet your specific requirements. If you need more endurance, run additional recovery enchants or food. If you require additional health/stability, consider using prismatic enchants. Simply play, adapt and explore to see what works best for your playing style. Good luck and enjoy Elder Scrolls Online!

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