Nike Adapt BB Shoes Now Supports Google Assistant

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Nike Adapt BB Shoes

Back to the Future fans must be happy to know: Rather than having to use an official app to fasten Nike’s Adapt BB basketball shoes, you can now do it with your voice and ask Google to do it for you.

The feature is an extension of a new Google Assistant integration with many Android apps.

Rather than having to type out or search the same commands every day, you can now head into an app with just your voice. With Nike’s Adapt shoes, you can say “Hey Google, tighten my shoes” and that’s it! Your shoes are ready to go without the need to swipe or touch the buttons on your phone.

After Google changed the Assistant in 2018 — adding the ability to use it and other apps altogether`, and making it no longer take up the whole screen — engagement is not twice as it was before. But users said they wanted Google Assistant to do more with their apps.

The feature helps to fast track actions in each connected app. With MyFitnessPal, you can log your food with your voice by saying, “Hey Google, log a berry smoothie on MyFitnessPal.”

It’s also compatible with Nike Run Club, which will enable you to quickly start your run without having to go through the motions of opening the app and tapping through. Other voice commands are like, “Hey Google, check my accounts on Mint” or, “Hey Google, check the news on Twitter.”


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