Nintendo Adds 3 More NES and SNES Games to Nintendo Switch Online Libraries

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Kirby’s Avalanche

Nintendo Switch Online subscription holders, will be excited to hear that more games were recently added to the NES and Super NES libraries. On the NES, fans can now play Daiva Story 6 Imperial of Nirsartia which has never had an official U.S. release until this moment.

The SNES library now has Fighter’s History and Kirby’s Avalanche.

  • NES

    • DAIVA STORY 6 IMPERIAL OF NIRSARTIA – This galaxy-spanning simulation game launched on the Famicom system in 1986, but never saw a U.S. release until now. It features three distinct phases of play: the strategic-simulation phase, star-side fleet battles and action-packed planet-side battles. (Pro tip: To jump immediately into a random planet-side battle, enter the password たたかう.)

  • SNES

    • Kirby’s Avalanche – The adorable pink puffball is taking a break from swallowing enemies to best them in this fast-paced puzzler! Take control of Kirby and match wits with well-known enemies from the Kirby series (including his archrival, King Dedede!) to win the First Annual Dream Land Avalanche Competition. Stack the right number of matching blobs together to make them explode and rain down boulders on your opponent’s field of play. Fans of the Puyo Puyo series will feel right at home with this puzzle game! Are you good enough to help Kirby become the avalanche king?

    • Fighter’s History – In this one-on-one fighting game, released for the Super NES in 1994, elite fighters from around the world have all gathered for one competition. Each has their own reason for fighting, but only one can walk away the winner. Strike your opponent’s weak spot and aim for glory!

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