Nintendo Confirms That ARMS Will Not Get Any Updates Now

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ARMS, one of Nintendo’s first-party games on the Switch, and now it will no longer be receiving any major updates. Although ARMS has a big following in Japan, the number of players has been slowly decreasing worldwide, which ultimately led Nintendo to stop developing the game content updates.

In December 2017, Nintendo launched a firmware update of the game that included some new fighters, most notably, Dr. Coyle. The recent update also introduced a new stage for players to battle each other. In a statement released by the game’s director, Kosuke Yabuki, to Eurogamer, they said that:

“After its launch in 16th June, we released several significant free content updates for ARMS, including five new characters, 12 new ARMS, five new stages, collectible badges, and new modes like Party Crash. More Party Crash events are on the way, and we’ll continue to make balance adjustments and other small changes to improve the gaming experience, but we currently have no plans for bigger updates.”

ARMS is one of the first huge games to come to the Nintendo Switch when it was launched last June. It was also the first game to make use of the motion controls of the hybrid system’s Joy-Cons.

Nintendo said that they will still be releasing smaller updates, by making continued balance adjustments, and host more Party Crash Events, hoping that even though no major content will be introduced, players worldwide will still be able to play and have with ARMS in the years to come.

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