Nintendo Famicom Mini Gold Special Edition Will Come With Manga Games

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Nintendo Famicom Mini Gold Special Edition

Nintendo is about to release a new special edition Famicom Mini games console available in Japan during July which will come loaded with manga games. The Famicom is the original Japanese version of the NES and was first released back in 1983. Nintendo is also releasing the special miniature console to mark the 50th anniversary of manga magazine Weekly Jump.

The gold coloured Nintendo Classic Mini Famicon features twenty Famicom games that were based on Weekly Jump manga. Nintendo also announced this week that the NES Classic mini games console preloaded with 30 classic Nintendo games will be back in stock on June 29th, 2018 and available to purchase for $60.

The manga-themed Famicom Mini Games console will be available to purchase from July 7th in Japan. The two wired controllers can be stored on the sides of the console for easy access. The retro styling of the original Nintendo games console has been remained intact even in its small form and now will offer fans a gold special edition to enhance their games room.


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