Nintendo Has a Warehouse Full of Classic Original Game Boys

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Classic Original Game Boy

Nintendo just got into their awesome warehouse to find a functioning original Game Boy and sent to a 95-year-old woman who had written them a letter telling how the third Game Boy she’d ever owned had now broken. The old lady continues her daily games of Tetris for another four years until she died at the age of 99.

This heartwarming story originally published in the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun shows how a company never lets a good PR opportunity go to waste. It also confirms that Nintendo has a secret warehouse loaded with such priceless gaming wealth as unused, fully functional gray brick Game Boys from 1989.

Many of us want a functioning piece of iconic gaming ephemera like the original Game Boy but so few of us are as sympathetic as 95-year-old women who play Tetris to keep their mind sharp.

I want one fully operational vintage Game Boy, For that, we’re going to have to learn the area of Nintendo’s black site warehouse, deftly navigate the complex maze of rotating fire rods before, and then, kicking open a chest and lifting a Game Boy from 1989 that looks like it was made yesterday and run out of there screaming and laughing.

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