Nintendo Introduces Rewind Feature for NES Games on Nintendo Switch and Announces Upcoming NES Games

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Donkey Kong

Nintendo recently revealed the two new NES games coming to Nintendo Switch Online. They are Donkey Kong 3 and Wrecking Crew. There’s a new feature coming to the NES library available to NSO subscribers.

Nintendo is publishing a new Rewind feature that will let you rewind your gameplay so you can try again that one part you keep messing up at, Like some of the car game simulators which let you rewind your mistake. Simply hold ZL and ZR to rewind. This is a great feature in my opinion as I’ve been playing through The Legend of Zelda and I would’ve died to simply rewind rather than of starting a dungeon over. How do you like this new upcoming feature?

Donkey Kong 3, and Wrecking Crew with the rewind feature will be available from July 17.

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