Nintendo Released STAR FOX 2 and More SNES and NES Games for Nintendo Switch Online

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When Nintendo released the SNES library for Nintendo Switch Online users, they told us not to anticipate regular updates. I think that’s why some were shocked yesterday when they announced four more SNES games coming to the service and two NES games! The two NES titles are Crystalis and Journey to Silias. I have never heard of these, but I have read the first is an action-RPG and the second one is a run-and-gun.


For the SNES, it has been unveiled that Breath of Fire II, Kirby Super Star, Star Fox 2, and Super Punch-Out!! will be coming as well. This means that anyone who did not buy the SNES Classic who do not live in Japan will finally be able to play Star Fox 2 officially! This has many fans moved and somewhat disappointed as that was the whole reason they bought the SNES Classic and now it turns out that wasn’t a great deal.

All of these games will be available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers starting December 12.

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