NINTENDO SWITCH – Is this the next generation of portable gaming?

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Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch delivers a portable gaming cum home console which works well, whether you want to play on the go, or at home. It comes with a 6.2-inch tablet and two removable Joy-Con controllers, capable of being used solo or split for two-player multiplayer.

Although there is a lack of high-quality graphics like its competitors, the innovative design is an instant hit.

Nintendo Switch


The Switch comes with the Joy-Con L and R, and you also get the Switch Dock for connecting the console to a TV. There’s also a Joy-Con Grip, which holds the left and right Joy-Con into it to convert it into a traditional controller.

The Switch has a thick bezel surrounding its 6.2-inch capacitive touch-screen. The display size is fine for playing games in portable mode, but when using the kickstand you might have to lean in close for a better view.

The touchscreen’s responsiveness is really good and feels more like a premium tablet. The metal finish feels premium and good to hold, although the kickstand is made of thin plastic and stands out sorely.


The Switch can last around 2.5-3.5 hours depending on the set brightness and the graphics intensity of the game you’re playing. You should buy a type c battery pack to go with it, if you plan to go on long trips or take a transatlantic flight with it keeping you company.

The Joy-Con Controller

All that tech – HD Rumble, infrared and all the gyroscopic smarts of Wii MotionPlus – housed in two little controllers is that an overkill? Not exactly. The joy-cons serve their purpose well, but their use will depend on the games that come up during its life cycle. With a 3.5-hour charge giving the joy-cons a 20-hour life apiece, one doesn’t really need to worry about charging them.

The Pro-Controller

The Pro Controller is obviously the most comfortable way to play the Switch. A giant weighty controller, the which sits perfectly in the hands. It’s also light but includes most of the functions found in the Joy-Con, which includes the HD Rumble, NFC, and gyroscopic sensors. It also increases the already excellent battery – 40 hours off a single charge.

Screen, UI and Portability

Although it sports only a 720p screen, color reproduction is magnificent and it is a charm to play the games I played in my childhood in a device so small and portable, yet powerful.The screen also offers capacitive touch and is as responsive as the cell phone you use.


The Nintendo Switch is a definite buy for anyone who loves to play games in the portable media, and it easily available in India at Amazon. Amazon offers the Nintendo Switch with easy EMI offers as well as other discounts from time to time, and you should keep a lookout for these in a bit to grab it whenever you can.


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