Nintendo Switch Online July 2021 Update!

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Nintendo Switch Online

On Wednesday, July 28th, 2021, the North American Nintendo Switch Online NES and Super NES Classics games list is upgraded! 3 new Super NES games were, plus an SP Edition of Super Mario Bros. 3!


Bombuzal/Ka-Blooey (1992) – Throwback Entertainment

Originally a puzzle game for the Amiga, the Super NES version was previously released in the United States under the title of “Ka-Blooey” by Kemco. Not for the faint of heart, this explosive “Bomberman”-like/ Sudoku-Esque action-puzzle game will have you keeping track of your moves and steps. Though not one of the more mainstream titles in the genre, it maintains a surprisingly devoted fan-following to this day!


Claymates (1994) – Interplay

An off-shoot of Interplay’s Street Fighter-cum-Mortal Kombat parody fighting game, Clayfighter…. Claymates is an action-adventure platforming game from the mid-’90s. Players control the main character Clayton, a boy turned into a blue ball of clay as he goes on a quest to rescue his father from the evil witch doctor Jobo. Besides his default clay form, Clayton can transform into 5 different animals: a cat, a mouse, a duck, a fish, and a gopher. Each level has a maze-like setting with plenty of crevices to explore and goodies to collect!


Jelly Boy (1995) Throwback Entertainment

Lightning has struck a piece of candy and now it’s come to life! As the shape-shifting Jelly Boy, you’re on your quest to meet your maker! It might just happen, as this game is known for its aggressive difficulty! Originally a spring 1995 release in Europe for the Super NES, Jelly Boy ultimately never made its way to North America or Japan.

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