No Man’s Sky is Visually Overhauled and Got Flying Pets

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No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is getting a new update and it is quite huge, this time centered on the way the sci-fi adventure looks. The update is called “Prisms,” and developer Hello Games explains it as “a visual overhaul” of the game. It’s available from today.

The changes include new weather effects, volumetric lighting, furry aliens, skies packed with stars, and more. The studio also says that PC and next-gen versions of the game will get “detailed reflections, improved lighting quality, more detailed biomes, and more.” You can get a good rundown in the trailer above. As part of the update, No Man’s Sky is also getting a very cool new feature: flying pets that you can ride. These include giant beetles, flying worms, and huge butterflies.

The update is available for free. Thanks to a steady stream of expansions, No Man’s Sky is a very different game today if you compare it to when it released in 2016. This year game has seen added features like alien pets, a new quest structure, and the Normandy starship from Mass Effect.

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