No Man’s Sky PlayStation VR Comes In The Summer of 2019

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No Man’s Sky

Hello Games is working really hard to make a virtual reality implementation for their No Man’s Sky game possible, but rather than producing a new standalone experience the team has created a fully integrated virtual reality mode within the whole universe.

The full PlayStation VR support will be coming during the summer months of 2019 for No Man’s Sky, but Justin Massongill Social Media Manager at SIEA has already been able to have a quick hands-on experience with the new VR support.

“The small, Guildford-based team at Hello Games has put in extensive work to rebuild the interface around VR — the demo I played was even set up with dual PS Move motion controllers. Using this control scheme, holding up your left arm and pointing at it with your right hand brings up a menu with your standard options (Quick menu, torch, mining tool, etc.). Hello has also implemented teleportation-based controls for getting around: Just hold the left move button to manipulate a marker that you can place anywhere within around 30 in-game feet (by my approximation). In a clever touch, rotating your right wrist before letting go of the left Move button will allow you to adjust your orientation before initiating the teleport.

All the tools and upgrades you’ve accumulated in the No Man’s Sky universe are present, including the Terrain Manipulator. Just reach your right hand behind your shoulder and squeeze the Move controller’s trigger to grab it, then point and click to reshape the topography in front of you. Having 1:1 control here should be a boon for all you creative types — especially when perfecting the custom design of your home base!”


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