NO MAN’S SKY Will Be Fully Playable In VR on PS4 And Steam

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No Man’s Sky was released back in 2014. After being apparently dropped by Sony, the team at Hello Games kept at work to make their game work. Today, No Man’s Sky is by f a different experience from that at launch and with every update, it is getting better and people are loving it.

The all new feature heading to No Man’s Sky will be the biggest game changer yet, it will come with complete VR play! That’s right, from this summer as part of the Beyond update the whole of the No Man’s Sky experience will be available in VR. Better yet this update will be completely free of charge.

No new copy of the game will need to be purchased to access VR so even those who did by the game way back in 2014 will be able to enjoy VR gameplay. VR play will also work with any save file you have already made. no progress will be lost in VR! Multiplayer can also be played with non VR users so there will be no penalties for playing in VR.

The trailer above only shows the PSVR headset in use but the mode will also be coming to PC on Steam for PC VR players. Both games will get the VR mode at the same time so there won’t be any exclusivity in place for players to worry about.


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