No More Lag: What Is a Good Internet Speed for Online Gaming?

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If you are an online gaming enthusiast, you know the importance of having a high-speed Internet connection. The faster your Internet speed, the better the game will play. Lags are frustrating and can keep you out of a game or make you lose. Knowing the right Internet speed is essential for ensuring you purchase the perfect package for your online gaming needs.

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Why Is Internet Speed So Important for Gaming?

Since online gaming first made its appearance, the demands of games have increased. Your Internet speed is essential for your gaming experience. Most gamers have a problem with latency. Latency is the delay that occurs when a transfer of data begins. As you can imagine, some large games can lead to major lag and problems with gameplay. Check out the high-speed packages at Optimum.


What Is a Good Internet Speed for Online Gaming?

While every game has its own requirements for Internet speed, in general, you should have a speed of at least 3 Mbps for downloads and 1 Mbps for uploads. Speeds lower than this are going to lead to major lags and hiccups while you are playing an online game. You will especially notice problems on big first-person shooter games because the upload and download demands are intense.

It is not recommended you rely on satellite or DSL Internet. Although these claim to offer fast Internet speeds, they cannot provide for the extensive demands of today’s online gaming experiences. High-speed cable connections with fiber optic cable can deliver the highest speeds. Some of these companies offer up to 400 Mbps which would more than cover the largest games.


What About Ping Rate?

Suffering from lag is not always entirely about Internet speed. Lag can also occur because of your ping rate. Lower ping rates will help to reduce your latency and prevent the aggravating lags that get you killed on first-person shooter online matches.

The ping rate is how fast you get a response after sending out a request to your Internet connection. Pings are measured in milliseconds. A responsive Internet connection is essential to getting the best experience from an online game.

It is clear you want a low ping rate. Having a lower ping rate means you will receive information quickly, so you do not suddenly see other plays jumping around or even disappearing. You can easily test your connection’s latency for free. Some Internet providers provide a link for testing, but you can also search for this test. Anything below a 20ms ping is considered good for online gaming.



Online gaming is more advanced than ever before and the demands for higher Internet speeds are rising. If your connection is less than 3 Mbps, you are likely experiencing major lags that are preventing you from enjoying today’s demanding games.

The higher your connection, the fewer hiccups your console or computer will exhibit while playing an online game. It is important to remember that you will need an even higher speed connection if there are others using the Internet or you are playing with more than one local player in an online match.

Before choosing any Internet provider, make sure you carefully research your options. Choosing the highest Internet speed package will help you to avoid lags and other disruptions that prevent you from enjoying the game.


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