The Nokia 3310 is Coming Back, Seriously!

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Nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310 is one phone which was hard to kill! It was Toyota’s equivalent of reliability. You could throw it down a flight of stairs, spill a pint over it, or drop it into a pool of mud, and it would emerge unscathed. It was the most hit model of Nokia and unkillable in many ways.

And now it’s coming back, almost 17 years after it first launched in 2000. Nokia plans to re-launch the device at the upcoming MWC conference in Barcelona, according to data obtained by the reliable Evan ‘EvLeaks’ Blass of VentureBeat.

The handset will reportedly cost €59 and will be marketed as a way of getting long battery life in an almost-indestructible form factor.

Nokia hasn’t manufactured the phone in years, there’s still a fondness for the device, and it remains to be sold through third-party channels, like Amazon Marketplace and eBay.

It’s worth pointing out that the phones sold under the Nokia marque aren’t actually from the company that originally released the 3310, the N95, and the N-Gage. The rights to the name were bought by little-known Finnish company HMD Global in a deal that completed last December.

I’m convinced there’s still a market for high-endurance feature phones and if it comes into the market once again I will be the first person to buy it! I am tired of caring for my phones, I care for my phone more than my wife.

And let’s face it, you don’t have to charge the Nokia as much as you delicate iPhone.


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