Nokia 8110 Slide Phone is Coming From The Matrix

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Nokia 8110

Bezel-less screens are the IN thing these days but answering a call with a slider phone is a satisfaction on its own, like Neo did in The Matrix way back in 1999. Today, Nokia announced that they will bring back the iconic 8110 from the film in the form of a 4G feature phone.

The 8110 4G features the curved banana body from almost 20 years ago, but it’s dropped the antenna and is also a fair bit smaller. As with the original, you can slide the keypad cover down to receive a call, and slide it back up to end the call.

There’s also a 2.4-inch color screen (320 x 240 pixels) with which to run apps on KaiOS, including a take on the classic Snake game. The phone is powered by a Qualcomm 205 chip, with 512MB RAM, and it will have a 2-megapixel camera.

This device is not ideal for running apps, the 4G modem might come in handy for using the phone into a hotspot so you can keep your tablet or laptop connected to the internet.

Nokia state that you can get up to 25 days of standby time on a single charge with the 8110. That, along with its dual-SIM support, could make it a handy device to carry around when you travel. Just don’t anticipate it to be as rugged as the reliable Nokias of old.

The Nokia 8110 4G will ship in May in classic black and bright yellow and it will cost you around $97.


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