Now Be A Better Photographer With This New iPhone Photography Gadget

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iPhone Photography Gadget

Pictar nonetheless boasts some impressive features enthusiasts might be willing to pay $90 for. It isn’t a full case, but more of a holder with a grip. It expands to fit iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S/5C/SE and 6/6S models, but not the 6 Plus/6S Plus. According to Miggo, it’s not compatible with Android devices because of the large number of devices and it relies on an iOS app to work.

Pictar uses a high-frequency dual tone (18,500 – 20,000kHz) to talk to your iPhone. These tones, combined with the app, allow the grip’s physical buttons and dials to control camera functions. This means you can just slide the phone in, launch the app and start shooting. It’s powered by a watch battery, too, so there’s no frequent recharging.

The whole idea is to not only give you a better way to grip the phone while shooting, but to give you more control over settings that are ignored when you stay in Auto all the time. This includes adjusting ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation. If that idea sounds appealing, you have until May 27 to back the project.

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