Now You Can Build Your Own Colorful Xbox One Controller

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Colorful Xbox One Controller

Microsoft is launching a new program called the Xbox Design Lab, which lets users visit a website to design their own controller by customizing the color of just about every part, from the front and back panels to the shoulder triggers and d-pad. According to Microsoft, there are around eight million possible color combinations. And in addition to picking colors, you can also laser engrave some text on the front, just so everyone knows your Gamertag. The Xbox Design Lab controllers won’t start shipping until September, but you can start designing your own now, with the web portal and pre-orders opening up later today. They’ll cost you $79.99 each, plus an extra $9.99 if you spring for an engraving.

The controllers available through the program will be the same updated ones that come bundled with the new, smaller Xbox One S. That means a few improvements over the standard Xbox One controller, including the inclusion of Bluetooth for better range, and a subtle, but pleasant textured and grippy back panel.

Colorful Xbox One Controller Colorful Xbox One Controller

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