Now You Can Scatter Ashes At The Edge Of Space

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Now You Can Scatter Ashes At The Edge Of Space

The company located in Lexington, Kentucky uses weather balloons for the transportation of ashes that are being contained in the concertinaed container up to the edge of space. The GoPro camera films the ashes being scattered about 22,860 meters above Earth and the ceremony can be watched by friends and relatives. The company said, “When the balloon reaches proper altitude, the bottom door on the custom payload urn opens. This is when the vacuum of space, along with gravity itself, draws the ashes out from the insert container. Scientists don’t really know how long the ashes will remain aloft so we look to volcanoes as a model. While volcanic ash does not go nearly as high as our balloons, we do know it can take many months for the ashes to settle back to earth. Ashes from volcanoes can travel the planet before settling down.

Currently launch sites are located in Indiana, New Mexico and Colorado with packages starting from $2,800 up to $7,500. The most expensive option allows for launching from any location the client desires.


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