Now You Can Wear Your Beats Which is Great For Outdoors

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The Speaker Backpack

BeatBringer has created an amazing boom box backpack.They designed the ultimate backpack speaker which offers both “extreme audio performance” and portability in one compact system.

The development team behind the wearable backpack speaker explain more about its inspiration, construction and incorporated technology.

We are super excited about our product, and invite the Kickstarter community to be the first to get their hands on a BeatBringer, and at the same time help us make it happen!

The BeatBringer padding is secured with neodynium magnets – the control panel is located behind it. The BeatBringer is easily switched on by turning the selector knob to Aux or Bluetooth input. The USB connector can be used to charge your phone. Besides delivering tremendeous audio quality in a nice compact design, the BeatBringer has something more to offer. The combination of portability and volume level is what truly stands out.

The weight of the BeatBringer is 5.8 kg (12.8 lbs), which is easely carried as a result of the comfortable strap and back padding design. Since your hands are not carrying a heavy audio system, you can easely hold on to a cold beverage and a smart phone while choosing your next song. Furthermore the audio level of 110 dB is many times higher than other speakers with remotely the same portability level.

For more information head to Kickstarter website for details.


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