Now Cancelled Scarface 2 Incredible Screenshots Surfaced!

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 Scarface 2

Check out this incredible new video that collects and showcases the screenshots and concept art of a cancelled sequel to Scarface: The World is Yours. 2006 original was created by the once-great Radical Entertainment, responsible for games like The Simpsons: Hit & Run, Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, and the Prototype series, and the sequel got into development after it becomes a commercial hit. At one point, publisher Vivendi expected the series to have multiple entries.

Scarface 2 was in development but seems to have been cancelled around 2009, for unknown reasons. Now Mafia Game Videos, an account devoted to all things Mafia-based, has managed a bunch of concept art and in-game settings intended for the game, showing that it was going to be set in Las Vegas and the Nevada desert.

The screenshots have been around for a while on the art station, but this is what’s brought them to wider notice. Beyond the setting, there are no details on what Radical Entertainment was going for in the sequel: the original game’s setup was that Tony Montana didn’t die at the end of the movie, but set out to seek revenge on those who had crossed him. Presumably with Miami’s mob bosses underground, he wanted to get onto the strip.

The concept work shows the type of Vegas exteriors that make you wish this happened, while the surroundings include an ornate and lavishly decorated casino foyer, and somewhat less excitingly a parking garage.

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