Now Google Will Tell You If Your Flight Got Wifi

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Working Of A Google Office From Inside

Google will now list a range of in-flight amenities which will include WiFi and also other details about your flight. This will come real handy.

“We know people are looking for more information about the flights they’re taking before they buy, so integrating Routehappy Happiness Factors is a great addition to Google Flights. Now even more people have access to comprehensive flight amenity data and useful flight search information,” said Gianni Marostica, Director Business Development, Travel, Google.

Routehappy’s Scores & Happiness Factor data is derived from two proprietary Routehappy systems, Flightpad and Flightmatch. Routehappy researches and verifies flight amenities by aircraft, cabin, schedule, and route on a constant basis from hundreds of disparate sources to create Flightpad, the most comprehensive, accurate comparable product attribute dataset for flights worldwide. Flightmatch is a set of powerful and intelligent algorithms that dynamically match and score Happiness Factors, duration, and ratings for billions of possible flight combinations.

You can find out more details about the new service with Google and Routehappy at the link below.


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