Now iPhone Users Can Connect To Windows 11 and Use iMessage

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iPhone Users Can Connect To Windows 11 and Use iMessage

Microsoft has fulfilled its promise to iPhone users by releasing the Phone Link app, allowing them to utilize iMessage from their Windows 11 PC. With the app now available in 85 countries, iPhone owners can connect their device to their PC and engage in various activities. This includes sending and receiving messages via iMessage, making and receiving calls, as well as receiving phone app notifications directly on their PC or laptop.

To enable this functionality, the Phone Link app utilizes Bluetooth technology to establish a connection between the iPhone and the Windows 11 PC. By intercepting incoming messages over Bluetooth, Microsoft can send them using iMessage, leveraging the way Apple directs text messages between iPhone users.

This innovative approach allows users to enjoy the freedom of seamless messaging while the Phone Link app is active. However, it’s important to note that certain limitations exist. While you can send and receive messages, the app does not provide access to a complete chat history or support group iMessage conversations. Moreover, the remaining features of Phone Link are relatively basic when compared to the Android integration. Users can make and receive calls, view call history, and dismiss phone notifications. However, unlike Android devices, running phone apps on the PC and integrating photos is not possible with iPhone.

To access the latest Phone Link app update, users should typically receive it automatically. In case the new iPhone option does not appear during setup, it is advisable to visit the Microsoft Store app in Windows 11 to ensure that all necessary updates are installed.

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