Now it is Will Smith’s Turn To Be in Fortnite

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Will Smith in fornite

Will Smith’s is now appearing in Fortnite, because it’s not as weird as, say, Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech airing in the whimsical vehicle-slash-videogame about killing other players. Plus: a data miner found the skin last month.

It’s not really a Will Smith skin by the way: it’s the skin of the actor’s Bad Boys character Mike Lowery. It’s available in the Fortnite Item Shop and it comes with the Detective’s Duffle Back Bling and a dual-wielding pickaxe called the Loose Cannon Cutters.

Why is Will Smith in Fortnite all of the sudden and unexpected? Does there need to be a reason? As far as I can tell there isn’t one. Season 7 Chapter 2 is themed around aliens, and as many other sites have already said, Mike Lowrey doesn’t fight aliens, never has, though lots of Smith’s other movie characters do. Whatever you say, It is Fortnite and everyone should be in it.

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