Now You Can Check Out Stuck Suez Cargo Ship in Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Stuck Suez Cargo Ship in Microsoft Flight Simulator

It is been all over the news from memes to game updates, a cargo ship by the name of the Ever Given has been stuck in the Suez Canal. It’s not known how this thing has happened and become a problem for world trade, with several explanations now pending the results of an official investigation, but the thing that matters the whole world is: It’s a giant boat and it’s stuck in a key artery of global trade, which is now threatening to the stability of the world economy.

Somebody’s put it in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Enterprising YouTube and TikTok poster donut_enforcement has shared a video of it in action. “What’s cool about Microsoft flight sim 2020,” said poster donut_enforcement in response to a comment, “is that you are able to add and create things such as modifications.”

This is a mod and nothing to do with it Microsoft. Microsoft Flight Simulator’s world map doesn’t update anything like that so fast, though it does render things like weather and air traffic in real-time which is super cool.


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