Now You Can Play Metal Gear Solid 5 as Snake from Escape From New York

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Metal Gear Solid 5

Kurt Russell’s performance as Snake Plissken in Escape From New York is one of the greatest things happen in a movie. It was famous enough, that it inspired Hideo Kojima not only to name the hero of the Metal Gear Solid series after him but also to reasonably closely mirror his character.

But it’s also correct that the Snakes, whether Solid, Venom or Naked, aren’t actually Snake Plissken. That’s a mixture we’ve had to bear until now, with the addition of a mod for Metal Gear Solid 5 that lets you play as Kurt Russell’s Plissken. As a bonus, Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China – another classic Russell / Carpenter collaboration – is also playable with the exact same mod.

It’s the generous work of modder JinMarr, and it’s ready now on NexusMods, where you’ll also find instructions on how to install it. Check it out on the website and watch the first look of the character below.


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