Nvidia is Loading RTX Chips in 100+ New Gaming Laptops

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Nvidia just announced over 100 new laptops that would be home to its GeForce GPUs in 2020. The lowest of these laptops will highlight the RTX 2060 for just $999. These GPUs are based on Nvidia’s Turing design and are all about using ray tracing and AI to give you the best visuals for the upcoming new games. What’s more is that thanks to their Max-Q configurations, Many of these new laptops will be able to stay thin and light. The new Max-Q Tech involved include:

  • Dynamic Boost — Intelligently and automatically balances power between the GPU and CPU on a per-frame basis, boosting overall in-game performance. Dynamic Boost is automatic, adaptive and always working to deliver more performance without increasing system power consumption.

  • Low-Voltage GDDR6 — Nvidia has worked with its memory partners to increase memory efficiency while delivering high performance with new lower voltage GDDR6 memory.

  • Advanced Optimus — A breakthrough display innovation that delivers long battery life and immersive, stutter-free gameplay from Nvidia G-SYNC® technology. Advanced Optimus® controls which GPU is driving the display and intelligently determines the right GPU for the right workload at the right time, dynamically switching on the fly without needing a system reboot. The new lineup of Lenovo™ Legion™ laptops is the world’s first to feature this groundbreaking technology.

  • Next-Generation Regulator Efficiency — Next-generation voltage regulators help optimize system design so the GPU runs more efficiently while delivering higher overall performance.

  • Deep Learning Super Sampling 2.0 — Powered by dedicated AI processors on RTX GPUs called Tensor Cores, DLSS 2.0 is an improved deep learning neural network that boosts frame rates while generating beautiful, sharp images for games. It boasts a game’s performance headroom while maximizing ray-tracing settings with increased output resolution and extending battery life by up to 20 percent.

Jeff Fisher of Nvidia said this about these new laptops:

A little more than 18 months ago, NVIDIA reinvented graphics with real-time ray tracing, which represents a seismic shift in how games look, play and feel,” said Jeff Fisher, senior vice president of gaming at NVIDIA. “Having this technology available in a laptop for just $999 is amazing. And thanks to Max-Q, consumers will have a selection of remarkably thin and light laptops to choose from across all price points.

If you are not into gaming 10 new RTX Studio laptops have also been announced. These not only feature RTX Super GPUs but also 10th-generation Intel CPUs to give you some real raw power. Match those great brains with a minimum of 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD, you won’t need anything else for art or graphic projects.

There are also models available with the RTX 2070 Super and 2080 Super GPUs. All of the laptops will be available from a group of manufacturers including Acer, Dell, HP, Gigabyte, MSI, and Razer amongst many others. The first batch of the RTX Gaming and Studio laptops will be available from various outlets on April 15 with more on their way in May.

The “budget” models will come from the Acer Nitro 5, ASUS ROG Strix G15, HP Omen 15, MSI GF65 Thin, Lenovo Legion Y540 and 5i, and the MSI GF65 Thin. More will be revealed later.


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